Five Minutes With... Emma Jane Palin

Barbeline Lusandu

Posted on June 15 2018

For the last few weeks, we've loved sharing our mini interviews with you all, and this week, we're bringing you an interview with multi-award-winning interiors blogger, Emma Jane Palin

Priding herself on being a champion of colour, creativity and culture, Emma Jane knows that a colourful home is a very happy home indeed!


  1. How did you fall in love with interior design?

I think I've always naturally been drawn to styling in my home; I can't really pinpoint a direct moment that inspired me. Even as a student I enjoyed making the most out of a space. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration which obviously helped to bring around a more visual look on life. When I left university, I started working for a boutique interior PR agency and this directly introduced me to the world of interiors, learning more about specific brands and designers.

  1. What’s your favourite colour to bring into the home?

I like to experiment with colour so this is constantly changing for me. At the moment, it's burnt orange as I love the warmth it can bring to a place when used in the right way. I've just used orange and rust accents in my room.

  1. Maximalism or minimalism?

Maximalism, but in an organised way. I think it's important to have spaces that are meant to be busy and spaces that are simplified. For example, a bedroom is a place to relax and there should be minimal distractions in the room. As far as I'm concerned, more is more everywhere else - the busier the better!

  1. What’s the one piece in your home that always makes you smile?

Funnily enough, it's probably my bathtub. We're still in rented accommodation and we found it VERY hard to find a place we liked, especially with a small dog in tow. After weeks of searching I said to my step-mum - "One day we'll have a place with a roll-top bath" - and just 24 hours later I was looking at our place with its beautiful roll-top bath. I take great pleasure in having a bath and relaxing.

  1. Any interiors disasters you’d care to tell us about?

Not disasters as such, but I've certainly had to get creative in some previous rental properties. Magnolia walls and brown carpets aren't anyone's friend and it can be tough to live in an environment like that. The key here is to layer lots of rugs and to break the rules by giving it a fresh lick of white paint. Landlords are normally open to changes if you speak to them about and tell them how you can help to improve their property.

  1. What’s your golden rule for interior decorating, the failsafe tip you give everybody?

On a practical level, frog tape is your absolute best friend for paint work. On an emotional level, I always think you need to decorate your house in the same way that you would decorate yourself. Don't buy too much into trends that you think you might get bored of and fill your home with items that make you happy.

  1. What’s your interiors trends predictions for 2018?

I think the seventies look is still going from strength to strength and we're going to be seeing even more oranges and browns coming through in interior schemes. Fringing has been massive and the high-street versions are now coming out thick and fast. Earthy tones are still everywhere with muted pinks and purples seen everywhere at Salone del Mobile earlier this year.



Thanks so much for being a part of our interview series Emma Jane! If you'd like to read more from Emma Jane, check out her blog and follow her on Instagram @emmajanepalin.

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