Five Minutes With... Pati Robins

Barbeline Lusandu

Posted on May 24 2018

Welcome to a new series on our blog, 'Five Minutes With...'. Every month, we'll be speaking with an interiors expert whose style we love, to find out more about their design secrets, their must-haves and their predictions for future trends.
This month, we're starting with photography and self-professed 'slightly crazy maximalist', Pati Robins of the interiors blog Style Squeeze
  1. How did you fall in love with interior design?
    Purely by accident – and accidental love is the best one – for the past few good years I have been stuck into decorating and redesigning our home. Since budget is limited, I learned how to do DIY to save some money. When it came to styling, I am still learning - but most of the time I like to improvise!

  2. What’s your favourite colour to bring into the home?
    If have to pick just one - it would have to be yellow! It energizes me and fills me with a good mood, but bizarrely enough, it also relaxes me.

  3. Maximalism or minimalism?
    Maximalism every time – I use it as my excuse for hoarding things I love!

  4. What’s the one piece in your home that always makes you smile?
    Our faux donkey head! I got him a few years back via eBay, and he (yes, we named the donkey Harold!) can sport any headpiece you can imagine, and still look good - unlike myself.

  5. Any interiors disasters you’d care to tell us about?
    I don’t know where to start! My most recent one was removing a wallpaper and pulling most of the plaster with it – then trying to hide it behind the curtains until I learned how to plaster... (Believe it or not, it took me ten years and many failed attempts to fix that wall!).

  6. What’s your golden rule for interior decorating, the failsafe tip you give everybody?
    Follow your own heart and only have items in your home that creates some kind of emotion in you. Never buy something just because someone else has it, the items you bring home (be they mass-produced or not) have got to make your heart sing.
  7. What’s your interiors trends predictions for 2018?
    Pattern, pattern and more pattern (well, I hope so!) because we had boho for way too long. Don’t get me wrong, I love boho - I just need a little more pattern in my life! (We hear you on that one Pati!)


Huge thanks to Pati for taking part in our first 'Five Minutes With...' interview! If you would like to find out more about Pati's tips and tricks for a beautiful home, follow her on Instagram @patirobins

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