Barbeline was founded in 2015 by University of the Arts London Pattern Design alumni, aesthete and self-confessed colour addict, Barbeline Lusandu, in her studio in East London.

Barbeline initially began her design career in 2012, producing quirky patterned childrenswear, “I have always had a passion for interiors, but when I first started designing the Scandi vibe of clean lines and minimalism was still very much the trend, so I decided to specialise in childrenswear, where fun is at the forefront. Friends would come to our home and say how much they loved the punchy patterns and colour we had in every room but were almost fearful of trying it themselves. I began making cushions and lampshades for them, and encouraged them to be bold, bright and try new things.”

"Interiors should be fun and exciting and give you something to be happy about."

Interiors soon became a full-time job for the mum-of-one, whose vibrant new aesthetic gives her clients the opportunity to make their homes a space where they can assert their personality without hesitation. “Everything I design I would have in my own home. It’s all about colour, pattern and texture - there are no rules. Interiors should be fun and exciting and give you something to be happy about.” Just like the woman herself…

Karen Schremmer has been continuously creating her entire life: drawing on Barbies and her brothers, painting, photography, jewelry and clothing design, interior decorating, home renovation, fiber arts, and culinary pursuits, among other things.

Originally from Illinois, Karen moved to Florida, a place she considers full of beauty, with an endless supply of

inspiration. She inevitably received a BFA from University of South Florida, with a focus in painting.

Karen’s focus now is mainly in the visual arts, mixed media.

Her assemblages ignore the traditional boundaries between the digital and analog- painting, collage and photography. Her blended technique exemplifies the combining of seemingly unrelated existences into vibrant, beautiful collectives.