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5 -10 Days

Our giclee printing is set to 1440 dpi, with 8 passes, using an Epson HDR 10-colour pigment ink system profiled for accurate colour reproduction.

Using our state-of-the-art print software, prints are sharp, detailed, and vibrant. We maximise the colour gamut for every paper we offer and capture open shadow detail, true blues and natural skin tones for every image we print.

3-level black ink technology means better grey balance, impressive mid-tones, and no colour casts, for true black and white reproduction.


Studies have shown that Giclee Prints colour vividness can last in excess of 200 years with tests by independent bodies such as Wilhelm Research and printer manufacturers such as Epson. This gives assurance to collectors and art buyers of this type of printing method.

Giclee Prints have a number of advantages over other print methods, including:

1. They provide a perfect solution for artists and photographers who do not wish to go to the expense of mass-producing their work using Litho but prefer to print on demand.

2. Print on demand means a single artwork can be made available in a number of papers and finishes. There are a much greater number of matt papers to choose from, incorporating different weights, textures and whiteness.

3. The latest giclee printers provide greater accuracy and depth of colour, ensuring faithful reproductions of originals. There are more vivid and saturated colours than C-Type or digital offset, due to the bright pigments used to make up the inks.

4. Better longevity; a giclee print will outlast a lithographic print and other technologies by up to six times.

5. Giclee prints are widely accepted by art buyers, galleries and museums as archival, collectable pieces.


 SIZES 30 X 30''


Limited edition prints, - World wide free delivery