Barbeline was founded in 2014 by University of the Arts London Pattern Design alumni, aesthete and self-confessed colour addict, Barbeline Lusandu, in her studio in East London. Barbeline initially began her design career in 2015, producing quirky patterned prints,

Inspired by the palette, flora and fauna of the Congolese rainforest – but designed very much for the contemporary home – with each luxurious piece, more is most definitely more. Mystical, magical and maximal, animal prints are top of the tree – the wilder, the better – featuring a menagerie of giraffes, leopards, flamingos, makaku and ostriches.

“I have always had a passion for interiors, but when I first started designing the Scandi vibe of clean lines and minimalism was still very much the trend, so I decided to specialise in homeware , where fun is at the forefront. Friends would come to our home and say how much they loved the punchy patterns and colour we had in every room but were almost fearful of trying it themselves. I began making cushions and lampshades for them, and encouraged them to be bold, bright and try new things.”

"Interiors should be fun and exciting and give you something to be happy about."

In 2021 we decided to have our prints in a fashion line and then we started designing a slow fashion 


About the slow fashion approach.

At Barbeline London we wholeheartedly approach fashion with creativity and a sustainable mindset. We advocate for slow fashion manufacturing in respect to people, environment, and animals. As such, contrary to industrial fashion practices, our collections are designed & produced in the UK using eco-friendly and recycled materials with the goal of preserving crafts, the environment and, ultimately, providing value to consumers.

Our progress includes amongst many the use of 100% sustainably sourced recycled textiles, our first ever vegan leather and Repreve recycled canvas - ten recycled bottles in every yard of fabric!

We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world and are working to do our part by engaging only in circular and sustainable slow fashion practices. We cooperate with experts within the recycling field and rely on our customers to recycle with us.