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Available in table lamp and ceiling write as a note while ordering a ceiling lamp or a table lamp.

Dramatic mood lighting is the easiest way to create instant atmosphere, but amp up the theatrics further with bespoke lampshades, UK made to order. Beautifully handmade using stiff translucent poly fabric, our designs are visible even when the light is off. The inner lining of the custom printed lampshades is fire rated for your safety, and the fitting ring fits standard UK light fixtures.


  • Bespoke lampshades UK for the ceiling or table
  • Fitting rings fits standard UK light fittings
  • Fire rated inner lining


  • Dimensions

    • Large round: 40 cm diameter x 25 cm (diameter x height)
    • Medium round: 30 cm diameter x 21 cm (diameter x height)
    • Small round: 20 cm diameter x 18.5 cm (diameter x height)
    • Oval: 30 cm diameter x 22 cm x 20 cm

Bespoke lampshades, UK handmade to order in London. our unique designs are printed onto semi-translucent, fire-rated poly fabric and then backed with a fire-rated lining. Using dye-sublimation, the inks are fused deep into the fibres of the fabric, resulting in a lasting print that won't peel. Your edge-to-edge printed bespoke lampshades, UK made to order, have a white painted metal frame at the top or bottom depending on whether you choose ceiling or table lamp shade. Your shade will come with a removable adaptor to alter the size of the fitting ring.


Care Instructions

To keep your design nice and vibrant, regularly dust to maintain cleanliness. As with any electrical appliance, keep liquids away from the bulb and plug socket to avoid accidents.