Changes can be challenging, but it is inevitably important for a successful life. Barbeline found this out in 2013 when she decided to leave her day job world to spend time with her newborn baby. However, Barbeline began designing bamboo organic Children’s clothes using plain bright colours combined with Liberty printed designs.
In 2015 Barbeline worked her design magic to design prints for wallpaper when she identfied a gap and need for Eco- friendly interior products.
The removable wall coverings were different compared to other Fabric & Wallpaper brands and designed for the luxury eye. Sticking to the Eco-friendly mindset, Barbeline designed her wall coverings with Eco-friendly adhesive and has an emphasis on designing wild animals and scenes of nature. These images help to keep Barbeline, grounded in her lifestyle as they remind her of nature and childhood memories in the Congo Kinsasha
The Interior Decor brand is based in the trendy Hackney area of East London and promotes non-toxic materials. Other products from Barbeline come in the form of non-toxic printed fabric; including Velvet, Eco canvas, faux suede, linen canvas for curtains, cushions, and upholstery. The brand vision is to further expand into categories drapery, tablecloths, rugs, lamp stands and a complete line of furniture.
Barbeline’s inspiration is endless. The influence that speaks most to her is that of the vintage variety. Mixing the 60s, 70s, and 80s. styles with a modern twist allows for the best of each era to shine through with all of the functionality of modern convenience of today.
“We want all of our designs to be able to reflect the unique nature of our customers and bring variety straight into their home, work place and business.